60 Bullet Clifton

60 Bullet Clifton



They all play Bluegrass, but they also play some pretty swingy stuff.  If you're at a New England BG festival and you think you hear keyboards, saxes, woodwinds, etc., chances are good that you've camped too close to the MMBoys.  

It's controversial, some places.  The annual 60BC Guest Fest is Labor Day Weekend at Thomas Point Beach in Maine is not one of them.  Disco balls, fog machine, black-light go-go girls and a wicked Bluegrass Jam three campsites away.  (Tolerance has "always" been abundant with The Manic Mountain Boys.)  Why can't we just all get along?  (Thanks Pati!  You're the best!)

"Secuity's Here!"  - Lisa, 2002



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